Layered Trifle Dessert

This recipe provides the easiest way to create the largest impact on your dessert buffet. The trifle can be layered with any type of cake, (including purchased pound cake), whipped cream, pudding and berries. The limit is your imagination. Just use a clear glass trifle and make sure that the layers are defined as you build this dessert.


Premade Yellow Cake/Pound Cake
Vanilla Pudding (Kozy Shack or Snack Pack Pudding)
1 8-oz. Container, Cool Whip
Mixed Berries, sliced
Additional Sliced Strawberries and Blueberries for garnish

In alternating layers, place cubed cake, pudding, cool whip and berries in layers, ending with cool whip layer. Place sliced berries in a decorative layer to top the trifle. This is best if placed in the refrigerator for a couple of hours for dessert to set.