Antipasto Platter

A well plated antipasto platter can be the most singularly impressive dish on your appetizer buffet. Select a variety of Italian cold cuts, cheeses, olives, roasted and marinated vegetables, and plate in blocks of colors for the most attractive presentation. Prepare the antipasto platter the day of the event (one of the few last minute preparations) because the platter tends to be too large to fit in the refrigerator, and the vegetables will wet the other ingredients if prepared too far in advance.

1 lb. Sliced Salami & Prosciutto
1 Cup Black Olives
1 Cup Green Olives
1 Cup Roasted Peppers
1 Cup Marinated Artichokes
1 Cup Marinated Mushrooms
1 lb. Mozzarella, Whole or Sliced
2 Red Tomatoes, Sliced
Stuffed Banana Peppers
Fresh Basil for garnish
Romaine Lettuce for garnish

Layer the bottom of the platter with romaine lettuce leaves for garnish. Arrange the sliced cold cuts, vegetables and cheese in blocks of color on top of the lettuce leaves. Top with tomatoes, cheese and basil garnish. Serve at room temperature.