Homemade Mozzarella

I have fond memories of the mozzarella that Grandma Colombo served….it was soft, creamy, and warm. Although I have never been able to duplicate the mozzarella from my memory, this homemade mozzarella is a close version. This has been adapted from a Food Network Magazine recipe.

3 Tbsp. Kosher Salt
4 Cups Whole Milk
4 Cups Water
2 lbs. Fresh Mozzarella Curd (purchased from an Italian Market)
Salted Water Bath

Breakup curd into small pieces in a large bowl. Separately, heat the water and whole milk in a pot until very hot (not boiling). Add the salt to the water. Add enough of the hot mixture to cover the curd. Let the curd soften (About 3 minutes +/-) and drain.
Add more of the hot mixture to cover the softened curd. Stretch the curd with a wooden spoon, then fold and pull the curd, gathering into a ball (don’t overwork the curd). Place the formed mozzarella into a salted water bath. Let the mozzarella sit in the salted bath for about 15 minutes. Serve the fresh cheese at room temperature. Leftovers can be covered in salted water and refrigerated for several days.



Mozzarella Rollatini

If you would like to make a rollatini, take one ball of mozzarella before placing it in the salted bath, and roll out the mozzarella on a cutting board. The mozzarella should be rolled into a rectangular shape, and should be very thin. Top with baby arugula, roasted peppers, smoked prosciutto, grated parmesan cheese, and drizzle with olive oil. Roll, jelly-roll style, and wrap with plastic wrap to set (1-2 hours). Cut into pinwheels and serve. I like to serve over a bed of baby arugula, dressed with fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and salt. Feel free to modify and add your favorite ingredients to this rollatini.