Easiest Dessert Ever - Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

This is an incredibly easy, but delicious recipe for ice cream cake.  During one of Jessica’s basketball tournaments, someone shared this recipe with me, and I have been making this ever since.  Any combination of chopped candy can be used on the middle and top layers of this dish.  This was prepared with kids in mind…but can be dressed up with chocolate curls on top for a fancier presentation. 



Ice Cream Sandwich Bars

Cool Whip

Chocolate Sundae Sauce

Chopped Candy (Chopped Peanut Butter Cups shown)



Layer the bottom of your serving dish with a light layer of cool whip, then unwrap the ice cream sandwich bars, and layer on the bottom of your dish.  Top with cool whip and chopped candy (your choice).  Place another layer of ice cream sandwich bars on top of the chopped candy, making sure you turn the bars so they are facing the other direction.  Top with cool whip and chopped candy.  Repeat the process until you are finished with all ingredients, and decorate the top of the cake to your taste with additional whipped cream, chocolate sundae sauce, etc.  Place in the freezer overnight and serve when ready.