Lasagna Rollatini

This is a delicious, individual serving recipe for lasagna.  The combination of the béchamel and marinara sauce gives this recipe a deep, savory flavor. 


12 Lasagna Noodles

2 Cups Bechamel Sauce (See recipe)

2 Cups Marinara Sauce (See recipe)

½ Cup Parmesan Cheese, for Topping
½ Cup Mozzarella Cheese, for Topping

Lasagna Filling:
1 10-oz. Package Frozen Spinach, Defrosted & Well Drained
1 lb. Ricotta Cheese, Whole Milk

½ Cup Mozzarella Cheese, Shredded

1 Cup Parmesan Cheese, Grated

1 Egg, Beaten

1 Tsp. Salt & 1 Tsp. Pepper



In a large pot of well salted water, prepare lasagna noodles according to package instructions.  Meanwhile, in a large bowl, combine filling ingredients and mix well.  Arrange the drained noodles on parchment paper to prevent sticking.  Grease a large baking pan.  Spread béchamel sauce on the bottom of the pan.  Spread about 3 Tbsp. of the ricotta filling mixture over each lasagna noodle.  Starting at one short end, roll each noodle up.  Arrange the lasagna rolls, seam side down without touching, on the béchamel sauce.  Spread 1 cup of the marinara sauce over the lasagna rolls.  Sprinkle

½ cup of the mozzarella and ½ cup of the parmesan cheese over the top.  Cover with foil and bake in a preheated 450 degree oven for 20 minutes, or until the sauce begins to bubble.  Remove the foil and bake approx. 15 minutes more, until the top is golden.  Serve with the remaining cup of warm marinara sauce and additional parmesan cheese.


Lasagna Rollatini.jpg